Where Is Your Bar?

Written by Craig Denison

This morning as I was spending time with the Lord I felt him speak a question to my heart. He asked me:

“Craig, where is your bar?”

As I pondered on his question, layer after layer of meaning began to unfold in my heart. I thought, “Where am I settling in life? Where am I willing to simply be okay rather than striving for something more? What sin am I letting go unconfessed and unredeemed because part of me doesn’t think it’s that bad? Where’s the bar I allow the enemy to drag me down to before I start fighting back?”

I so easily give up my peace to situations and people. It’s like peace is only for the best of times, and my bar is set at worry and stress. I so easily forgo the abundant life and settle for the normal American life, like I’ve allowed other men to set my bar instead of Jesus. I so easily let go of faith and begin believing that my life is in my own hands that my bar becomes self-sufficiency rather than faith-filled expectation of God’s goodness and provision.

This morning I realized that I need to raise my bar. I need to make peace, joy, faith and complete righteousness my normal. And every time something tries to drag me across my bar, it’s time to fight back. Every time the path of worry and striving opens up before me, I need to stop, settle, and choose the path of peace and faith. Every time temptation arises I need to fight with all my strength, trusting that God gives me what I need to fight every battle before me. I need to let Jesus create a new bar in me every morning, that I would live for more than what the world can offer me.

May we pursue all that God has for us, and settle for nothing less. May we be those who live extraordinary lives of peace and faith. May we allow the Holy Spirit to ignite within us a passion for communion with him. And may every moment today spent experiencing transcendent peace remind us that we have a good God who has more in store for us than we could ever ask or imagine, if we will simply receive it.